A St. Louis Style Junkyard on a Free-mo

Mike Budde of St. Louis, MO, was featured in the November 2007 issue of (the now defunct) Railmodel Journal. For a simple trackplan, this module is really an outstanding example of the principles of Free-mo. Sometimes the mundane details can be overlooked. Mike really accomplishes modeling the out of service spur beautifully. The VW Junkyard demonstrates Mike's incredible eye for detail, and his modeling skill to replicate it.

A thought that this module set gave, and it mirrors what Lance Mindheim discusses in his blog; not every industry needs to have an active spur and currently being serviced by rail.  Having a remnant of rail service, foundation of a buisiness now gone, rusty rails burried into dirt, etc. develop a sense of history. History is a very important part of making a scene convincing. When investigating a scene to model and developing even a freelance scene one should research the history not only the geography.

Lance hits it right with his blog entry titled "Element Selection - Document, don't judge" 

The really critical skill is to tie, history, geography, and capturing a sense of real railroading do impact how convicing a scene is. As you can see, we can learn a lot from Mike.