SE Michigan Free-mo and Western Reserve Free-mo Setup, Lodi, OH

Last weekend (Apr 20-22, 2012), 6 Free-mo members from SE Michigan Free-mo and Western Reserve Free-mo got together at the Lodi Outlet mall in Lodi, OH. This is about 30 miles south of Cleveland, Ohio on I-71.

The layout can be seen in PDF format here: see attached file

Videos of the layout can be found on YouTube here: <>

The layout featured online switching and an industrial switching district with about 85ft of mainline.

The first modules arrived about 2PM on Friday and the layout assembly started in earnest after the Michigan group arrived around 4PM. The layout was declared "operational" at 8:30PM with a few sets of fitter rails and Loconet connections to be made in the yards.

The "crowd pleaser" of the event was the Caboose excursion train that ran on Saturday and Sunday. Videos of this train are in the link above.

All the attendees and lots of the visitors enjoyed the display. Maybe we'll see you in Willard, OH in October!

Regards from the Western Reserve Free-mo!

Tim Moran
Akron, OH

Lodi_OH_2012_as-built.pdf38.84 KB