Bowmanville Train Show October 2011


This past weekend we had a combined setup at the Bowmanville Train Show, (just east of Toronto, Ontario) with the Soper Valley Rails Group. This was a last minute setup where both groups scrapped their layout plans and set up one large layout rather than 2 smaller ones. A new layout plan was quickly devised, using all available modules, and implemented and set up 3 hours before show time.
This was a first for both groups, that is, the first time that each group set up with another group. Most modules were new so there was not a lot of scenery but this demonstrated how flexible Free-mo can be. I believe that many visitors saw the potential that Free-mo has to offer.
Both groups had a lot of fun and everyone wants to do it again at the nearest opportunity. We learned many things from each other and got to see how another group does things. Nobody from either group knew anyone from the other group before the show but many new friends were made.
Below is a link to some pictures from our website:

Paul Taylor
Credit Valley Free-mo Group