Derby Free-mo

Derby UK (East Midlands of the UK)

Since the latter half of 2009 we've been building a FreeMo-based HO modular layout here in Derby.

For the uninitiated, "FreeMo" is a broad set of standards and specifications that sets a framework for creating model railway "modules". Each module comprises track and scenery, built onto a baseboard, complete with electrics, which may then be joined to other, similar modules to make a layout. Obviously to enable the connection of modules together, a set of standards must be followed to ensure the modules are able to interconnect.

With no known pre-existing club for "base" modules, we have begun our project by building some foundational modules to enable basic operation and from which the community and an operable layout might be built.

This website showcases our activities and progress thus-far. We hope to attract more modellers to our project and link-up with other HO FreeMo modellers in our area (East Midlands of the UK).

Hopefully we will be able to exhibit our layout in 2010. Look out for us!

The links to the left and below will take you to more detailed information about us and our activities. Please feel free to get in contact.