To Free-mo or not to Free-mo

Free-mo holds many advantages for the occasional modeler with limited space. In considering "To free-mo or not to free-mo". I offer you the following youtube video's that offer a unique perspective of a free-mo setup. Log onto youtube's main page & search "Tracy's Shay Running at Supertrain" and or "2860 at Supertrain". Two videos that show about eighty percent of a two day show layout from the trailing car of two trains. The videos show the diversity in a layout that had twenty plus individual members modules, along with a group owned yard module. It was some 280 ft of mainline, with all of the "tunnel modules" viewed although the start of "Tracy's shay" is at the exit of one of those tunnel modules. The camera was mounted in modified well car built by Chris Bruckshaw. Enjoy your journey and remember, you only need one module to join such layouts.


Lorne Rouleau Calgary Free-mo Group

Tracy's Shay Running at Supertrain

2860 at Supertrain