New England Free-mo

New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI AND VT)

New England Free-mo are a group of modelers based in around New England with the base of the group located in Eastern, MA.

We aren't a formal club in the traditional sense, we have no club dues and there aren't any elected officers or members. The group doesn't own anything collectively, everything is owned by an individual members.

We meet twice monthly during the summer season to have work / build sessions, covering module construction, scenery, and many other things. We follow the National Free-mo standards and meet or exceed all the standards for track, wiring and scenery on Free-mo Modules.

NE Free-mo has been to two large setups in the past 3 years, we attended the National Train Show in Detroit, MI in July of 2007 and the Worlds Greatest Hobby Show in Cleveland, OH in March of 2009.

If you're interested in working on module and you live in the New England area, please contact the NE Free-mo email list hosted by Yahoo Groups at and join us today for a build session and find out about upcoming NE Free-mo events.