Finger Lakes Model Railroad Club

Geneva, NY

The Finger Lakes Model Railroad Club was founded in 2005, and is a very small group of people in the Upstate NY region constructing & operating Free-Mo modules.  We have avoided the structure of a true club, instead relying on the comraderie and talents of each of our members to form the core for our values as a group:

 - Build reliable, transportable, and interesting Free-mo modules to spec

 - Add realistic scenery using high-quality materials and by exploring new methods

 - Operate prototypically for our geographic region

 - Use our modules as an educational tool for modeling, workmanship, and railroading in general

 We believe that less is more, and that a well-designed layout 40' long is just as much fun, and chellenging, to operate on as one 400' long.  Additionally, we frequently build using Mini-mo's to maximize run length, and to accomodate easy transportation.  You can see our modules in layouts throughout the area all year long.