Calgary Free-mo

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We are a group of about 30 members who have collectively built over 50 modules of virtually every shape and length. From the Green River module set (incorporates a 110 degree curve, 5 track loop, passenger station, intermodal terminal, and two branches off) to Speedy Dog (a 1 foot long double track module which incorporates a pair of speedometers), we've got it all.

We have organized the Alberta Free-mo event, now into it's fifth year, and have grown nearly exponentially every year. Our last layout had over 500 feet worth of benchwork from 3 groups (Calgary, Chilliwack, BC and the Battle River Railway Modellers in Camrose, AB) participate, and we could've had another 100' worth if the members attended.

To date, all but one of our setups have been at 42" rail height for operator comfort and the family oriented setups we happily participate in. We have also mandated our modules be capable of working at a 50" rail height and to accommodate this have built our modules with leg pockets, allowing for a separate set of legs at the 50" rail height, which some of us have participated at. We have also developed our own standard for wiring interconnects using Anderson Powerpole connectors which have worked fantastically well for us in the past year we've used them. To maintain compatibility with the Cinch Jones connectors in the Free-mo standard, we kept our old CJ plugs and developed adapters for use with the Powerpoles. All other standards within the Free-mo standard are met so despite what you may have heard, we are completely compliant with the Free-mo standards.

We meet every month on the second Tuesday at the HMCS Tecumseh (17th Ave & 24th Street SW) in Calgary to discuss the goings-on within the group and our upcoming and past setups. If you're in the Southern Alberta area, we invite you to drop by and say hello!