Free-Modu-Rail de la Capitale

Quebec City, QC G2A 2B1 Canada

We, Free-Modu-Rail de la Capitale, have formed a Free-Form Modular Group with the firm intention of building and presenting high quality, true to life, scale renditions of railroading in North America, particularly in Canada and specifically in Québec. This endeavor has been taken on by our group of Model Railroaders to provide an outlet for their combined artistic talents and at the same time preserve and promote the hobby of Model Railroading. We are all Active members, with or without Modules, we participate in activities according to our individual talents and skills, as required to bring this endeavor to fruition. We also pay a monthly fee in order to cover the costs of a permanent home and attached administration fees. We are all active members of the Canadian NMRA, this allows us to benefit from and support this Organization which also grants free insurance to groups that are 100% members. We have written Standards that are compatible with “Free-mo” the North American standard for free form modular railroading in an effort to promote the possibility of putting on combined presentations at local and / or National events in a foreseeable future.